Two business people, one holding a coffee cup, another holding a box of office supplies. The box says We're Moving on it.

What to Consider When Moving Your Office

June 29, 2017

There may be number of reasons to relocate your business and First Bank of the Palm Beaches can help you with the process. Let us give you the loan that you will need to make the move and grow your business.


In today’s market, many businesses are purchasing the real estate they occupy. A solid operating business can often purchase the space they occupy at a reasonable price and create equity in their business. First Bank of the Palm Beaches can help you to make the decision to buy or lease space.

Remote Deposit and Courier

The best news about relocating your business is that First Bank of the Palm Beaches moves with you when you do. Our business customers use Remote Deposit Capture technology; so with Remote Deposit your bank is at your desk no matter what building your desk is in.


The bankers at First Bank have over 100 years of combined real estate lending experience all right here in Palm Beach County. We have worked with the best commercial real estate brokers, moving companies, storage companies, etc… over the years and are happy to share our knowledge and experience.