A banker sitting with two customer going over common complaints that can be avoided.

Three Common Customer Complaints

September 19, 2019

Customers who feel they didn’t get the appropriate attention or service from their bank can quickly make their feelings known on social media and online review sites. Whoever wrote “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” has never met a bank customer who’s been transferred seven times to discuss an unexpected fee only to be told, “There’s nothing we can do.”

Although venting on social media may feel therapeutic, it rarely fixes the issue.  Despite the many changes in the way we communicate over the years, the types of customer complaints are relatively unchanged and most all have to do with communication…poor communication.

Unspoken Fees

Were you handed a disclosure and fee schedule when you opened your account and sent on your way?  If so, shame on the bank.  Customers should be made aware of what services they can opt out of and what the consequences might be if they do – or what the fees may be if they don’t.  For example, overdraft protection is an optional service. You can choose to not use this service, which allows purchases to go through even if you don’t have sufficient funds to cover it. However, you will be charged an overdraft fee if you don’t have sufficient funds to cover the transaction.

The Impersonal Touch

Have you ever had what you believed to be a bank error but didn’t know who to call, so you spend what seems like an eternity trying to reach someone who will investigate the issue for you? No matter how large or small your bank account is, you deserve to have a banker assigned to you. Your personal banker should be reachable by email, telephone, and sometimes a mobile phone and respond to your issue or complaint quickly with a solution or an update on the issue and the next steps they plan to take to resolve the issue.

A Never-Ending Maze

Although banks correctly process millions of transactions each day, one error can result in a customer wrongly accumulating fees.  If that customer doesn’t have a personal banker to contact, they are likely to pick up the phone and enter the dreaded telephone maze – never to be seen or heard from again.  Okay, that may be dramatic, but to the customer on hold listening to 70s soft rock, it’s a torturous waste of time.  If this happens to you, write down the times, dates and names of customer service reps and managers with whom you speak.  Write down a description of the problem, gather up your evidence (such as bank statements and deposit slips or receipts) and be ready to speak to many different people about the issue. If need be, write a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Keep copies of everything.

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