Why switch to First Bank?

Switching to First Bank

The decision to change your business bank and the decision to change the bank for your personal account are very different decisions.  Consumer issues lean more toward fees and convenience than anything else while business issues vary by industry type, size and employee preferences.  The key to understanding if you bank is a good fit for you is to first understand what your bank has to offer, then to develop a trusting relationship so that when your banker recommends a product or service, you are open to the benefits that those products and your relationship might bring.  Here are a few things that First Bank of the Palm Beaches does well.


The main pillar of what sets small businesses apart in terms of banking needs is lending.  Even if you don’t need a line of credit or a commercial mortgage now or in the foreseeable future, you should know whether your current bank has a track record of lending money to companies of your size and in your industry.  First Bank is no different.  As a community bank we do certain kinds of loans often and well.  However there are some loans that are too large for us to handle and some loans that are competition might specialize in that we do not.  First Bank will advise you as best we can to understand the needs of your particular business, even if it means sending you to another good bank.

Cash Management

First Bank has many commercial customers that do business the old fashion way.  That is to say that they accept checks, cash and credit cards from their customers and write checks to pay their suppliers and vendors.  In today’s age of electronic banking, however, there are many more options available to small business in order to more quickly convert receivables to cash and fund working capital needs.  Make sure that your business bank understands the cash conversion cycle and can recommend improvements for your business.


Fees may not be the primary driver of decisions to switch banks for small business but they are still significant.  Small business owners take pride in their companies and treat their customers with respect and with loyalty.  They expect the same from their bank.  There is nothing more annoying to a small business owner who has been with their bank for years than to get nickel and dimed on random fees.  First Bank makes sure that our customers understand our bank’s fees and allow them to make informed decisions on the cost vs. benefits of particular bank services.


The rule of thumb is that the smaller the business you have, the smaller the bank you should be with.  Every one of First Bank’s commercial customers has full access to our team of bankers and the advice that they have to offer.  Everything from finding a commercial real estate broker to sitting down over your annual financial statements and preparing for a loan as far as two years away is available to you.  Why should you have to worry about interviewing qualified professionals to work with when your bankers have maintained solid business relationships in this community for thirty plus years?  Get the convenience of our service and the wisdom of our advice.


Lending, service, fees, and advice are all great but they are all for naught if First Bank is not convenient for you to do business with.  That is why First Bank offers conveniences such as Remote Deposit, a free courier program and state of the art electronic banking.  Get all of the convenience and more that the big banks have to offer with none of the hassles.