A young couple with a child, carrying moving boxes as they get settled in their new home.

Seven Tips for a Hassle-Free Moving Day

April 3, 2019

You’ve purchased your new home and are excited about moving in, but does the idea of moving have you frazzled? You’re not alone. It’s a big undertaking, even for the most organized of homeowners and renters.

  1. Begin by purging things you have in storage and have not used in years.
  2. Decide on a mover and whether or not you plan to pack your own boxes or pay for them to do it.
  3. Clean your new home as soon as you have access to it. Moving in and sorting your belongings is hard enough — you don’t want to be dusting and vacuuming on the day of the move, too.
  4. Set up utilities ahead of time – as early as possible. You want functioning electricity, water and internet on move-in day.
  5. Hang all your window treatments. You don’t need a fully decorated house on move in day, but installing blinds and curtains eliminates privacy issues and waking up at dawn the next morning.
  6. Do you have a safe place to keep move-related documents and receipts? Make sure you’re keeping them in a secure, easy-to-find location. You’ll need that paperwork when it comes time to file your taxes.
  7. Then it’s time to unload, unpack, get settled, and turn your new house into a home.

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