Personal Savings

Start a Personal Savings Account in West Palm Beach

It’s not complicated. You want the maximum rate of interest that you can get and you would rather not play games with teaser rates or promotions that expire. Your wish is our command.

Personal Money Market

Most banks offer higher rates of interest on their money markets if you keep larger balances. We pay our maximum interest rate to everyone with more than $2,500 in their account. Most banks charge a maintenance fee if you fall below a minimum balance. You won’t earn interest if the account falls below $2,500 with us, but you won’t get a fee either.

  • No Maintenance Fees at any Balance
  • No Minimum Initial Deposit
  • Competitive Rates of Interest Paid on Balances of $2,500 or Greater (see our rates here)
  • Compounded daily interest on collected balance
  • 6 Free Withdrawals (including checks and transfers) per Month*
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Free Mobile Deposit

Personal Savings

*Personal Money Market and Personal Savings accounts have a transaction limit of six withdrawals per month. There will be a charge of $15 for each debit over six.