woman holding pen and pressing numbers on a calculator

Paying your Bills

June 29, 2017

The world is no longer changing, it has changed. The days of getting your bills in the mail, writing a check and sticking it in the return envelope are almost over. Bills now come to your email inbox and payments are automatically deducted from your checking account.

First Bank of the Palm Beaches is a place where the treasured values of our American past meet the conveniences and demand for technology of the modern world. Our Bill Pay product is state of the art while our bankers understand the benefits and the pitfalls associated with the various methods of paying your bills and doing your banking electronically. Get the benefits associated with our technology, but get the wisdom of our experience and let us help you navigate your personal banking. Click on the picture of First Bank’s Bill Pay product in order to see a demonstration. Once the new window launches, hit the demo button and inspect the features and services available to you.

Screen shot of First Bank Personal Bill Pay App

Figure 1: First Bank’s Free Bill Pay

Here are some things that you should know.  Your first order of personal checks (basic style) is free.  So if you still write checks, you are covered.  First Bank’s Bill Pay product is state of the art and has a full suite of features including check payments, electronic payments, e-Bills and electronic transfers to friends and families.