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Improving Your Home

June 29, 2017

Families grow, homes get older and additions and renovations must be done, these are just a few of the reasons to borrow against the equity in your home.

The Loan

Say hello to your friendly community bank. At First Bank of the Palm Beaches, you will know where you stand when it comes to financing an improvement project around the house. The numbers have to make sense of course. You must have equity in the home to take out a home equity loan and you have to prove that you have the money to pay the loan back. However, a community bank like ours will know your neighborhood, will have financed projects near you before, will know where you work, and will understand your character so that you can stop being just a bunch of numbers and start taking care of your home and your family.

The Relationships

Financing is not all First Bank of the Palm Beaches can do for you. We have worked with contractors, architects and sub-contractors for almost every type of home or commercial project in our market. We know the companies and individuals that produce quality work at fair prices. If you are looking to leverage your relationships to find out who to use to improve your home, look no further than First Bank to help you find the right people.

The Accounts

Make sure to keep your project accounting clear and understandable. Open a First Checking Account to pay your vendors and accurately track expenses. Don’t forget about saving for your project as well. A savings or money market account might be just the thing to get moving toward your future project.

Call your First Bank of the Palm Beaches banker today to explore the possibility of improving your home or some other useful project using available equity.