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Why Real Estate Investment May Be a Viable Option That’s Worth Considering

May 22, 2018

Currently, the amount of available home equity in the US is more than $13 trillion. Just a few years ago, in 2011, it was $6.3 trillion. The real estate market is growing. Investing in real estate may be a profitable endeavor and a viable investment opportunity when executed correctly and efficiently. Analyzing all the benefits …

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How Much Cash Should Your Business Keep in Reserve?

June 29, 2017

As with personal finances, many small business owners find it difficult to keep enough cash on hand to handle the proverbial rainy day (or a rainy few years).  Now more than ever the saying “Cash is King” rings true.  Your customers are paying slower and your vendors are demanding payments faster.  You need to keep …

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Investing in Real Estate

June 29, 2017

Most hard working individuals and families are actively looking for investment opportunities that allow them to receive income and a return of their principal. Investments in commercial real estate have historically been a good way to accomplish both goals and First Bank of the Palm Beaches can assist in the process. Income Producing Commercial Real …